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I Turkey Hunt strives to bring you information on a daily basis about Turkey Hunting around the United States and Mexico. Whether you hunt for the Eastern Turkey , Meriams, Osceola, Rio Grande, Gould's, Or Ocellated Wild Turkey, this site will strive to keep you up to date on what is in Turkey Hunting news. To the left you will find links to Hunting Lodges, Turkey Pictures, and to the right you will find Google and Product Links. We are working on an Affiliate Store that will offer as much Turkey Hunting Product as we can find to sell on the Internet. Buy your gear here to help support I Turkey Please let me know of any information you need, or changes to the site, or additions you would like to see.  
E-mail: Jim Dicken

Thank you to Wild Skies Cabin Rentals 
for donating a rifle and archery big game elk hunt in Colorado GMU 12 in the Flat Tops to
 Kentuckiana Chapter of Safari Club International.

First Photo Submission from Kentucky 2013

Tom Ulmer Louisville, Ky.
Click on Pics for larger version.

I Turkey Hunt is Proud to Promote these PREMIUM
Game Calls made in my Home State of Kentucky.
Jim Dicken
Mark Nethery is a determined hunter, who shows the same passion in making calls
as in using them.

 Picture of People With their First Turkeys.
More Pics coming / Send Pics to

First Turkey Picture 2012
Nate Coy's first Turkey.  Taken 4/21/12 in Ashtabula county Ohio
First Turkey Pic  of 2011
Morgan Roberts Age (15). This is her first turkey. 23lbs, 10 inch beard and 1 inch spurs. It was taken Saturday morning
4/2/11 in Carroll County Kentucky.  Click on Pic for larger image.

Cody and Colton Smith ages 13 & 8 cody's bird 22 lb 10in beard 1in spurs coltons bird 18lb 8in beard 3/4 in spurs killed 4/7/12 on Va youth day

See more First Turkeys Here


Cody Smith age 12 Gloucester Va. 20 lb 12 oz 10 1/2 in beard 1 in spurs. Killed on 4 9 11

Colton Smith age 7 Gloucester Va
22 lb 10 oz 10 1/2 in beard 1 inch spurs 1st turkey

See More Pictures Here

Unusual albino wild turkey taken by
 Alexa McCord, Montana April 12, 2008


Send Your Turkey Picture in with Your Name, Weight of Bird, Length of Beard, Length of Spurs,
and we will post your picture with a score...
Unofficial Score.. based on the NWTF Table. Send info to:
Jim Dicken

Turkey Pictures - Submit your pictures of your trophy from any state to
Benjamin Franklin thought so much of this bird and its qualities that he recommended it as the National Symbol. If they could smell you would never be able to shoot one!

Outdoor Talk Network - National Coverage of
 Fishing And Hunting .. Click Here and Listen In

News Last Update
Summer articles are slow.. I pick the articles to link to and will post those that I feel are worth your time as I get them. . Check back often for updates. More Turkey News State Specific.

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Newest Articles
 Turkey Hunting - "Keeping it Sexy"

By Mark Nethery

Bill Rhinehart's California Record Turkey
By Bill Rhinehart


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